the student faq

Emily answers some frequently asked questions from students here.
Don't see an answer to your question? - email Emily and ask!

 Where are the classes held?

Classes are held in my studio at my home in Calgary, Alberta. Classes are currently suspended as I set up my new studio.

Please note, I am no longer teaching in Stouffville, Ontario, or Kitchener, Ontario! I still get a lot of requests for classes there.

How do I register for your class?
Email me by the registration deadline posted on the schedule on the classes page. If you're purchasing a materials kit through me, be sure to have your payment in by that date, too!

I will accept late registrants IF there is room (my studio's got room for about 6 students at any one time), but kits are not available through me past the deadline. However, there's an easy shopping list on the classes page (scroll down to the materials list).

How do I pay?
Preferably by cheque or cash, but I can also accept payment by credit card via PayPal (please email me first if you want to pay this way; I will send you an e-invoice). Cheques can be made out to me, Emily Bickell. Please submit payment by the registration date to confirm your spot in the class!

I've taken your classes and I'm going to continue painting!
I've got my primaries, white and black - what additional colours do you recommend to round out my palette?
If you want some extras, I suggest for starters (in order, from most useful to most exotic):

french ultramarine blue (a warm blue) if you have prussian blue (a cool blue) or vice versa;
permanent rose or alizarin crimson (a cool red) if you have cadmium red (a warm red) or vice versa;
cadmium yellow "light" or "pale" (a cool yellow) if you have cadmium yellow "medium" or "deep" (a warm yellow) or vice versa;
yellow ochre (a dull gold) or raw sienna (slightly more intense and less yellow);
burnt sienna (a warm brown);
burnt umber or VanDyke brown (a cool brown);
sap green (a yellowish, transparent green);
anything with phthalocyanine in it has a powerful turquoise tint to it (phthalo blue, some greens);

Of course, there are many colours out there to tempt you. Remember, you can mix just about anything with a warm and cool version of each of your primaries; you don't need other colours (but they sure are fun to play with!).


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