Last updated August 15, 2019.

Newest painting added August 15, 2019.

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News from the studio

(August 2019): New paintings added to the water and garden series!
Upcoming exhibition in September: ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH,
Switzerland's annual contemporary art exhibition and market - represented by Halde Galerie.

(July 2019): New painting added to the water series, and some new commissions:
pet portraits of Cadbury the chocolate lab, and Maxwell the springer spaniel

(June 2019): New paintings, "Weather Permitting" and "Anchor" added to water series.

(May 2019): New painting, "Courage" added to the garden series. New small water paintings added.

(April 2019): New painting, "Luminary" (available!) added to the waterlily series.

(March 2019): New painting, "Resistance" (available!) added to the water series.

(February 2019): New painting added to Birds! Something completely different. Check it out!
New small added in the garden section as well.

(December 2018): New paintings in the water series added!
Halde Galerie is open again in St. Moritz, Switzerland, featuring Emily's water and water lily paintings.

(November 2018): Art Interiors in Toronto - Festival of Smalls is on through December 24th!
Emily has been represented by Art Interiors for over 20 years!
New products (including the cutest acrylic boxes) are available at Society6!
Some fresh larger paintings are heading to Halde Galerie in Switzerland.

(October 2018): New paintings - large and small - added to the water series.

(September 2018): New water paintings added.
Emily's water painting "Lead The Way" was selected to be part of the
Princess Margaret Show Home by designer Brian Gluckstein.

(June/July 2018): New waterlily painting added.
Halde Galerie has opened a fresh new gallery space in the luxurious
Suvretta House, in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Emily's work can be viewed there all summer!

(May 2018): Art Interiors (Toronto) has new smalls *and larger works* arriving!
New water paintings, and a spring blossom painting added and available - shop the studio.

(April 2018): Six little paintings are heading to Art Interiors (Toronto) for their Smalls exhibition, opening May 5!

(January 2018): Total paintings completed in 2017: 24, mostly great big ones!

(September 2017):
New waterlily painting added!
Halde Galerie presents my work at Art Zurich, Contemporary Art Fair at the Giessereihalle in Zurich, Switzerland
You may have spotted my painting "Network" in the October issue of Style At Home magazine!
Style At Home

(August 2017): New water painting added.
Also, new fine art prints are available via Society6!

(April 2017): New apple blossom painting added to "New Work". It's a stunner!
Five petite landscapes heading to Art Interiors in Toronto for their mid-May Smalls exhibition.

(February 2017): New! Check out the Shop the Studio link to see all paintings currently available
direct from Emily's studio in Calgary, Alberta!
New paintings added to water, landscapes and waterlilies.

(January 2017): Total paintings completed in 2016: 49!
Art Interiors in Toronto has just received a few new water paintings.
The first painting of 2017 added (Water Series).

(November/December 2016): New paintings added to Water Series and Landscapes.
The Festival of Smalls at Art Interiors in Toronto, Ontario, Canada features
several of Emily's paintings (through December).

(September 2016): New paintings added to Landscapes (smalls).
The exhibition "Wasser" runs September 16 through October 2nd at the Halde Galerie in Widen, Switzerland.

(March 2016): New paintings added to Water Series, New Work and Landscapes.
A batch of smalls are heading out this month to Art Interiors in Toronto.
Tip: you can sign up on their site for a "New Artwork Alert" to be notified when any of her new paintings arrive!
NEW! Visit Emily's Society6 page to buy prints of select paintings!

(November 2015): A new section has been added to this site! View a selection
of Emily's bird paintings under :birds: in the left menu.

(August 2014) Emily invited her Facebook fans virtually into the studio as she took her latest
waterlily painting from pencil sketch to finished oil painting. Lots of photos - see the process!

(May 2013): The last two paintings before Emily goes on maternity leave have been completed.
Emily will return to the studio in a few months. "Like" her FaceBook page for the latest news!

(November 2012): New smalls arrive at Art Interiors in Toronto, ON for their Festival of Smalls!

(July 2012): One new painting is heading to Art Interiors in Toronto, ON.
Emily is currently working on a commission and some smalls - when she is not chasing her toddler.

(November 2011): New paintings (smalls) have arrived at Art Interiors in Toronto, ON.
Emily is back in the studio part-time, currently working on commissions.

(January 2011): New paintings head off to the Halde Galerie in Switzerland.
Early February brings a new baby and thus a break from painting and teaching!

(November 2010): New paintings are going to the Whistler Village Art Gallery in Whistler, B.C.
New paintings have arrived at Art Interiors in Toronto, ON, and the In2Art Gallery in Oakville, Ontario.

(June 2010): New paintings are en route to the Whistler Village Art Gallery in Whistler, B.C.,
and to the Halde Galerie in Switzerland for the neustART exhibition (opens June 11)!
New paintings also hit Art Interiors mid-month.

(December, 2009): More new small paintings head to Art Interiors in Toronto and the Venus Gallery in Aurora.

(November, 2009): Emily is sending small paintings to Art Interiors in Toronto for the Festival of Smalls,
and larger paintings to the Whistler Village Art Gallery in Whistler, BC!

(July, 2009): Thank you for your support at the TOAE again this year!

(April, 2009): Emily has been selected to receive an Ontario Arts Council Grant
in the Visual Artists: Emerging category. Thank you to the OAC for the support!

(January, 2009) Emily's painting Tacit is featured on the cover of this month's
Style at Home magazine!

All artwork on this site Emily Bickell. Please do not distribute or reproduce images without permission.