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Emily answers some frequently asked questions here.
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 How long did that take you to paint?
This is probably the question I am asked the most. Every painting is different. It depends on the size, complexity and subject, the weather (humidity affects drying times) - and also on my mood! The longest time I've worked on a painting is about three months. Small studies may be completed in a few hours or a few days.
How long have you been painting?
Since about 1994. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with an honours degree in studio Fine Arts in 1998, and I've been doing this professionally since then.

Is that painting for sale? How much is it?
The paintings marked "available through (gallery name here)" are available for purchase, as far as I know. Galleries don't always keep me completely up to date on what is still available, so if it's at a gallery, please contact them directly via the link on the painting page, or on the "current exhibitions" page to inquire about availability and pricing. Those paintings marked 'private collection' have been sold and are residing with their new owners!

If a painting is marked "available at Emily's studio", you can contact me directly to inquire about price and availability, arrange for a studio visit, or purchase directly. Worldwide shipping is available. Payment options for purchases from my studio: cheque, cash, electronic fund transfer, or PayPal (credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and more). Please contact me first to arrange your purchase before sending payment!
Do you sell prints of your work?
I have a limited selection of prints available through Society 6.

I do take on commissions (schedule permitting), and occasionally do smaller work than the paintings on my website, if you are looking for something within a particular budget or size constraint. Considering the cost of a quality fine art print, you might be surprised at how affordable an original oil painting can be. More information about commissioning a painting can be found on the commissions page.

If the idea appeals to you, please contact me - Id be happy to discuss the possibilities!
 The painting I like best is marked 'private collection'! Will you make a copy just like it for me?
Not exactly. I can do a similar painting on commission, but won't reproduce a painting, for a number of reasons:

Primarily, as a collector of original artwork myself, I love knowing that the pieces I have in my home are unique. I would be disappointed if I learned that an artwork I purchased on the basis that it was original and one of a kind actually turned out to be just one of many. As an artist, I would hate to disappoint my clients like that. You can rest assured that if you purchase a painting from me it is an original work.

As for technical details - I mix paint colours individually, as I go, for each painting. If I had the original painting in front of me, I could match colours exactly - but it is not possible to be so accurate when the painting is already gone. Also, since I work from my own photographs, I use them as a source but will also edit and transform the image to become my own. I am not a machine (and don't use a projector) - each image is drawn on to the canvas freehand.

If you have your heart set on a painting that is already sold, please consider what it is about the painting that strikes you. Is it the colour palette? The specific subject? The size? I can work with these details to do an original painting just for you. Please see the commissions page for more details.
Will you do a painting from my (or someone else's) photograph?
Your photograph - maybe! Someone else's - probably not.

If you have taken a photo that you love and want reproduced in paint on canvas, it is possible. I would be happy to take a look and let you know if it's something I would be interested in doing, and if I have time for a commissioned piece. Please see the commissions page for more information on commissioning a painting. Remember, any time you commission an artist to paint from a source, that source will be translated through the artist's eye and hand. If you want an exact copy, you likely don't want a painting - most photo labs can print on canvas these days.

I will not work from a third party's photograph unless certain conditions are met. If the original photographer has provided written consent for this purpose, and it is a subject I am interested in painting, and I have time for a commissioned piece, I might consider it. Nor will I copy another artist's painting.
How do I enroll for one of your classes?

*please note - classes are not currently available*

Check the schedule on the classes page, and just email me! The farther in advance, the better. I'll get back to you quickly with directions to the studio and confirmation. You'll need to let me know if you want a materials kit or not. I'll let you know the payment deadline (hint: at least a week before the class begins). I can accept a cheque, credit cards via PayPal (contact me and I will invoice you), or cash, of course. That's all there is to it! You'll find much more information about classes on the classes page, and the student faq page.


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